Possible Additional Features of a Swimming Pool

You can add unique features to your swimming pool to improve its appearance and function. According to some swimming pool contractors in Dubai, every time you bring spice or a mix of entertainment in your pool area, you are not only customizing the environment. The additions can also enhance your bonding experience with your family, friends or guests. Here are some of the possible features you can add to your home or resort swimming pool.


  1. Slide


A pool area with integrated water slides brings so much joy to both children and adults. Water slides vary in terms of size and length. If you want something classic, you may opt for a traditional water slide which is basically a quick drop or straight slide. On the other hand, if you want something a bit trendy and unique, you may ask the pool contractor to install customize slides made of high-quality materials such as concrete or fiberglass, depending on if your pool is located outdoors or if it is an in-ground pool attraction. Some slides are longer and higher than the standard level; there are slides with a lot of spins and turns; some slides are also built in a customize landscape and rock formation. But it will all depend on your preferences.

  1. Fountain or Waterfall

Adding a fountain or a waterfall in your swimming pool is extremely beneficial – aesthetically speaking. It also creates a relaxing ambiance, just like the all-natural waterfall. However, the water feature must be positioned correctly to work well. Some add-on water features are incredibly styled as rainfall. If you want something more unique, you may search for more inspirations online.

  1. Impressive Lights

Creative lightings highlight the beauty of the swimming pool. They make the pool a focal attention at night. Some people add moving lights, while the others prefer the standard stable lights. Consider the actual size of the pool when installing the add-ons. The shape of the pool is a relevant element that requires more land escaping analysis to come up with the best light features possible. Safety is also always a priority so make sure that the lights will be installed properly to avoid casualties or even death cases.

  1. Plants & Flowers

If you installed your swimming pool primarily for relaxation purposes, you better incorporate plants and flowers on it. These natural features do not only bring nature closer to you. They also add color to your backyard. Surround your pool with lots of flowers and plants to make it look like an outdoor oasis.

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