Notable differences between commercial and military armored cars

If you are a car enthusiast, chances are that you will do all you can to get the car of your choice. It makes sense too as it is your passion. However, what if you got our interest locked on a car that is not ordinary? Could it be that you wanted to buy a car that could provide ample security for you and family? Chances of that happening are there, but in order to get the car, you will have to do a serious amount of searching. First of all, you will have to explore car armoring companies nearby. Hit the internet and you will find that a number of such companies are operating in UAE. In the next phase, you should look into car armoring deals. What will fit well into your budget? Should you buy a custom made an armored car from the company or will armoring your own car would suffice? Regardless of what you choose, you will have to stay vigilant and patient. In the meantime, you should also learn to differentiate between military and commercial armored vehicles. Doing so will help you choose a car that may fit into your criteria better.


Probably the most notable difference is the purpose that each car is made for. A military armored car would be built to fulfill the requirements of the battlefield and missions. A commercial vehicle has no such mission requirements. Also, a military vehicle will offer elaborate covering of thick bullet proofing which must provide protection against bombs, splinters, and shells, whereas a commercial vehicle may not be that well covered. In short, both vehicles are designed for fulfilling different purposes and it reflects from their profiles.

Offensive capabilities

Usually, even a baseline armored vehicle is decently armed with weapons, usually a machine gun and grenade launchers. Some custom made IFVs are pretty heavily armed with missiles and rockets. Of course, commercial vehicles have no such provisions as they are not meant to enter the battlefield at all. The best these vehicles could do is to provide protection against various types of ammo.


Unlike a common belief that armored cars are rugged and uncomfortable, the truth is that they are quite the opposite. However, this is not the case with military vehicles. You will find them rugged, and able to negotiate very rough terrain and off-road conditions which may or may not be the case with commercial vehicles. Keeping these differences in mind will help you find a suitable armored car service.