Kill Summer Boredom with Fun and Interesting Summer Camp Crafts and Activities for Kids

One of the best ways to beat the summer boredom of kids is by trying some camp-inspired crafts and activities. Below are some of the most fun and interesting summer camp crafts and activities that you can enjoy with your kid and his/her friends:

  • Nature Hunt – There’s no doubt that summer is the best season to explore nature together with your child. Before starting your nature hunt, you must prepare a small container where your child can put some small bugs and other bits of nature that interest him/her. A small jar would be perfect—just make sure you poke holes in the lid. Give your child some time to observe what’s inside the jar and ask him/her some trivia questions. You must also prepare a pen and a paper so that your child can jot down his/her observations. If you are not a fan of insects, you may also try bird watching or just basic nature walk. This will help your child learn while having fun; it’s also a great parent-child bonding experience.
  • Ice Cream Social – There are numerous companies offering summer camps for kids; most of those companies start the camp with ice cream social. It’s a group activity that is designed for kids to enjoy the season and make new friends. The good news is that your kid and other kids from the neighborhood can enjoy ice cream social at a park near you. You just need to invite your kid’s friends over and make some homemade ice cream with them. Once the ice cream is ready, go to the nearest park and let the kids mingle and play while enjoying their summer treats. Aside from ice cream, you can also try popsicles.
  • Tie-Dyed T-Shirts – Camping is not complete without your very own camp T-shirt. And because of this, we recommend that you make a tie-dyed T-shirt day with your kid and his/her friends at your own backyard. As a parent, all you need to do is to buy a tie-dye kit; you can purchase it online or at a craft store near you. You should also prepare some rubber gloves and aprons for your kid and his/her buddies. Here’s a practical tip: if your child has a stained white shirt, use it. it’s more advisable to use a stained shirt than buying a new one.

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