The history tells us that Dubai, much like most of the Middle East, was nothing more than a barren desert. The scorching sunshine could extract the moisture out of your body and would leave you skin burned and thirsty. There was no water in sight, and even a small oasis far away. At times, Bedouins and caravans had to travel for miles just get a cupful of water. There was no light back then which made things even worse. The desert people lived a tough life, and the situation has not changed for thousands of years. This is what you will experience sitting in your desert safari, albeit with a lot of difference and surely not under the scorching heat. The evening desert safari is a magnificent trip nevertheless. From fast and luxury four-wheel rides to quality and tasty food that will satisfy your taste fully, the desert safari is one tour that you will never forget. Here is more on Dubai evening Desert Safari:

Bashing The Sand Dunes

Have you ever tried playing games in the desert? Chances are that you haven’t. Upon entering the desert, you will find plenty of interesting things and sites. Don’t be surprised if you see huge sand dunes being made and vanished in no time. This is normal stuff in the desert, but what if you decided to burst through the dunes? You can do it without having to put your life in danger; after all, you are in a four-wheel drive ride. Keep in mind that these dunes are being made and vanished from time to time so don’t worry if your chosen dune gets vanished before you could reach it.

You will leave the base camp probably just before the dusk so that you can see the desert reflecting the sunshine with all its glory. Surprisingly, the evenings of the desert can be quite pleasant so if you want to stand out of the car, you can do so but only when you agent allows. Once the ride is over, it is time to enjoy the very tasty bbq dinner. Contrary to other types of foods and your traditional chicken tikka, this tikka is not your ordinary food. However, it will taste best if eaten almost immediately. If you have a cook around, just ask the cook to warm it up before you could consume it.

The desert safari is one of the best highlights of your Dubai trip and the epitome of outdoor activities that will let you enjoy the best land based outdoor fun during your trip. Read full article to learn more about the activities you will experience during your trip.