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5 Things You Need To Remember When Designing A Dining Space

Design a restaurant is more than just having excellent taste. In fact, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into account to be able to come up with the best restaurant design in Dubai that would attract dining customers.

If you are planning on making some changes in your current dining space or planning on opening a new one, here are some things that you need to consider when drafting a restaurant space design:

  • Your target market


One of the mistakes that restaurateurs commit is designing a restaurant space that is not intended for their target audience, rather, designing one based on their own taste and preference. What you need to remember is that, your restaurant will cater to the people. With that in mind, you need to create a design that will appeal to your public. It would be best to get to know what your market wants in terms of the design and what would appeal to them visually.


  • Your theme

Based from your study of the target audience, you can formulate a theme that would encapsulate the whole idea. A reputable retail interior design company in Dubai always creates a concept or a theme before they proceed to the designing phase. Randomly designing a space is never a good idea as it can only sow confusion with the target audience. A single, unified concept would make it easier for the design team to create the overall look of the place. Be sure that the theme is straightforward and based on what your market wants.

  • The size of the space


The feasibility of the design will also be based on the seating capacity of the restaurant space. Experts in design strongly advised against cramming the space just to meet the seating capacity that owner has in mind. When you are in the business of hospitality (hotels, restaurant, etc.), you need to bear in mind that your space should offer utmost comfort to your customers. If they do not feel comfortable while dining in your establishment, it is most likely that they would not return for another dining experience. This can also negatively impact your business’ reputation.


  • Overall layout


Your restaurant is not only serving the customers, but everyone who is inside the space, including the workers. Your team should be able to do their jobs seamlessly and with less hassle, hence, a smart space layout. The space layout should ensure that everyone can move and do their thing without hindrances or obstacles.

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Top Tips for Creating Eye-grabbing Custom Modular Exhibition Stands

Custom modular exhibition stands offer you an amazing look and feel, easy logistics, and the advantage of adaptability. Here are four top tips for an exhibition stand company in Dubai to design winning modular stands that help businesses stand out among competitors:

  • No Quick Fix -Think Long Term

What makes modular exhibition stands so great is their adaptability to target audience and spaces, in terms of graphics and hardware. If you aspire to leverage this adaptability, you need to put all your ongoing requirements in a list, including: DIY installation, number of staff members, logistics requirements, change of graphics you may need over time to suit the tastes of myriad target audiences, and the spaces you attend.

  • Pick The Best Display Technology

Now that you have specified all your requirements in a list, you need to select the most viable display technology that checks off all the boxes. Instead of going for looks alone, you need to select a modular display stand that caters to your needs and requirements. If you are still feeling unsure about which exhibition stand design in UAE would suit you best, you should seek an appointment with a credible exhibition stand design company and ask for their advice.

  • Design The Hardware

Once you have listed down your requirements and business goals and selected the most viable display technology that suits your needs, you can start thinking about the design of your exhibition booth. You need to apply the spaces requirements you had set out earlier to your display booth, in order to guarantee an adaptable platform to suit the spacing needs of all the tradeshows and exhibitions that you are planning to attend. For instance, if most exhibitions have space constraints, such as 3m by 6m or 6m by 6m, you can think about designing a multi-purpose hardware design that is capable of accomplishing just that!

  • Sprucing Up With Art

By the time a skeleton structure has been designed for your modular display booth, designers of your chosen company must have finished creating the artwork that you are going to apply to your modular display stand. A lot of thinking and consideration goes into creating the artwork, such as the preferences of your target audience, brand consistency, KISS, the 3 seconds rule, and much more. You can also go for an adaptable art work graphics approach that allows change of messages, offers brand consistency, and saves money.

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Things To Know About Interior Designs

Can you recall the last time you had your premises installed with an interior design? If by chance you had one that would be a long time ago. In fact, most premises owners including commercial as well as residential owners never had the opportunity to have an interior design. Wondering why would that be the case? Simply put, it is due to the fact that people often don’t have an interior design job in years, let along in months or weeks.

Naturally, when you never had to hire and negotiate an interior designer, you know little to nothing about the process. Similarly, since you never had an interior design, you might not know a lot about the type of interior designs. Keep in mind that modern trends tend to have new design concepts every six months or so. Off course, keeping up with rapidly changing designing trends call for staying in touch with designing trends. If you don’t, you will have insufficient knowledge about ongoing interior design concepts. Here are some things you should know to about interior designs and how to get to interior design companies in Dubai:

Discuss Design And Materials

It is assumed that you know very little about interior designing. The only way for you to know is by exploring different designs that you explored at different locations be it commercial or residential premises. Ideally, you should be exploring your design options by surfing the internet and other options. Explore search option while you are online and see the most up to date designing trends in the industry. Similarly, since you don’t know much about designs, there is a possibility that you might also now know a lot about modern materials that are commonly used.

You have a lot to discuss about the design and materials being used with your designer.  make as many queries as possible. Explore your options and ask about how modern interior designs and inquire about if the luxury interior design in Dubai will suit your premises or not.


There is nothing more important than to discuss your interior design requirements with the company that does it for a living. They’ll guide you on the type of design that will suit your premises. Whether wallpaper will do it for you or custom paint will be a better option. Similarly, ask if the faux wood will do the job or your design calls for regular wood. The former is a cheaper option while the latter is more expensive one.

In short, ask and discuss your options with the interior designer and acquire plenty of knowledge through many different ways.

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Using a residential architect to perfect your home project design

Looking to find an architect you can trust? If truth be told, it is extremely important that you work with experienced architect that understand building processes, council regulations and are also exceptional at design and project execution. But, as the time goes by, the standard design of modern architecture needs to further develop in order to fulfill the current variety needs and demands of the society. The space that you have around you needs to be designed in such a manner that it can be used and optimized to the best possible limits.

When it comes to our homes, the fact of the matter is that society is challenging our privacy. For this, it becomes necessary to take on the services of a highly professional architect who has the knowledge and experience required to do a good job and make sure that our privacies are maintained at all times. Four fixed walls and firmly shut doors that surround us are supposed to divide public and private spaces, yet, as the influences of some factors kick in, most of which are attributed to human behavior and environment, these have made our boundaries more and more distinct.

The plan of a dwelling unit by professional architectural consultants in Abu Dhabi is the one factor that will decide how private our homes are. When you get in touch with an architect that you are interested in, it is necessary for you to discuss with them the amount of privacy that you want around your house. This also holds true for offices in which certain individuals have tasks assigned to them that are far more confidential. If anything, these details should be discussed in great details with the best architects around.

Before deciding which architect, you want to work with, it is best for you to acquire quotes and details from at least three different individuals. This is going to make it easier for you to make a decision that is based on not just the knowledge and experience of the individual, but also on your budgetary restrictions. For the record, this holds true for both office and home-based projects. What this means is that before you actually get in touch with architecture firms in Abu Dhabi, it is necessary for you to work out your own budget as well so you can make a decision accordingly.

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Things to look for in the right landscaping company

You are aware of the fact that landscaping is the perfect idea for your garden. Your garden enhances the overall look of your house. It is not an intelligent thing to compromise on it. If you want to give people good impression about your house then you need to well maintain your garden because that’s the first thing which people see when they come to your home.

Outlook matters!

For all the landscaping needs, landscaping companies in Dubai are ready to serve you 24×7 with the best of their services. A proper garden is always pleasing to the eyes and always looks attractive. Moreover when it comes to reselling the house, the outlook of your house matters a lot! Just imagine a person who is willing to buy your house, gets into your house but see that there is no proper maintenance of the garden and the garden looks dull, then for sure this will make him quote the low price of the house. If you want to increase the worth of your house then never ignore the outlook, your garden is the first thing which a mortal sees. So, if you haven’t considered doing it, now is the time to hire a good landscaping company for your garden.

There are certain things which you have to consider while looking for a landscaping company

·         The first thing which you need to do is to complete your own homework. Before hiring a landscaping company for the garden, you need to take a sheet of paper and carefully decide what you want to get done, what do you want in the landscaping likewise you want, decking, patio, pools, shrubs, trees and many other. Moreover, you need to decide the colors you want the landscaping company to use.

·         The second step is to find a good landscaping company, first you need to search for it locally in your area, if you fail to find one or if you fail to find a good one, the best thing to do is, go to the internet and start searching for landscaping companies online. For sure you will get the directory of landscaping companies.

Third step is to shortlist the companies on the basis of quality and price. You need to check the work of those companies on their website and see how amazing portfolio they have. Well if the portfolio is amazing and they are charging a bit high then there is no harm in going for that company because they will deliver quality services. There is a thing, once you are done with the landscaping of the garden, don’t forget the maintenance of it. For this you can hire home maintenance in Dubai, There are many home maintenance companies that offer you the results you look for.

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Cafes in Dubai where you can be an Artist

If you are an artist from heart but nobody ever gave you any chance then for sure it’s a treat for the artist in you! Now, in Dubai you can unleash the artist, aching to do something artistic. The satisfaction and happiness which you get from your own art pieces is beyond words.

Sometimes we get so depressed, the best thing to do in this situation is that, just make your steps towards the art café’s in Dubai which will surely calm your guards down.

Art House Café, the illusion of Heaven!

If you weren’t aware of the art cafes in Dubai, now is the time to drive towards it. If you are looking for peace and calming atmosphere then it is must to pay a visit to Art House Café. It will surely give you the perfect illusion of heaven.

The Art House Café welcomes its customers with open heart and inspires them to unleash the creative human being, hidden inside them. It’s a perfect spot to have a sip and grab a bite. The beautiful atmosphere will surely takes your breath away and you will feel like not to go back home again.

The first thing you will notice, after entering here, you will see a huge tree with spread branches over the roof.

In every chunk you will experience the art, be it stools on which you sit or the tables where you put your food. The tables are designed beautifully basically its tree trunk slabs.

If you will spend more of time here then you will see uncountable recycled materials. This place surely gives you the illusion of a new world, it is covered with lights. In this café you will see the art pieces o different emerging artist which will surely steal your heart.

Beautiful, Basta Art Café

If you are looking for inspiration or new ideas for your project then it’s an undeniable thing to visit Basta Art Café. This beautiful café will give you a perfect view of traditional Emirati house because it is located in the backyard of it. In a city which is build of concrete, glass, steel, a city with defines the contemporary architecture for you, this café is a blessing! It alters the concept of glass and steel, you will see dozens of plants, flowers and tall narra trees. It flips the conventional equation of Dubai by providing a soothing environment to relax. You will see recycled art everywhere in this café.

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