If you are an artist from heart but nobody ever gave you any chance then for sure it’s a treat for the artist in you! Now, in Dubai you can unleash the artist, aching to do something artistic. The satisfaction and happiness which you get from your own art pieces is beyond words.

Sometimes we get so depressed, the best thing to do in this situation is that, just make your steps towards the art café’s in Dubai which will surely calm your guards down.

Art House Café, the illusion of Heaven!

If you weren’t aware of the art cafes in Dubai, now is the time to drive towards it. If you are looking for peace and calming atmosphere then it is must to pay a visit to Art House Café. It will surely give you the perfect illusion of heaven.

The Art House Café welcomes its customers with open heart and inspires them to unleash the creative human being, hidden inside them. It’s a perfect spot to have a sip and grab a bite. The beautiful atmosphere will surely takes your breath away and you will feel like not to go back home again.

The first thing you will notice, after entering here, you will see a huge tree with spread branches over the roof.

In every chunk you will experience the art, be it stools on which you sit or the tables where you put your food. The tables are designed beautifully basically its tree trunk slabs.

If you will spend more of time here then you will see uncountable recycled materials. This place surely gives you the illusion of a new world, it is covered with lights. In this café you will see the art pieces o different emerging artist which will surely steal your heart.

Beautiful, Basta Art Café

If you are looking for inspiration or new ideas for your project then it’s an undeniable thing to visit Basta Art Café. This beautiful café will give you a perfect view of traditional Emirati house because it is located in the backyard of it. In a city which is build of concrete, glass, steel, a city with defines the contemporary architecture for you, this café is a blessing! It alters the concept of glass and steel, you will see dozens of plants, flowers and tall narra trees. It flips the conventional equation of Dubai by providing a soothing environment to relax. You will see recycled art everywhere in this café.